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The Agilebars Sprint Scheduler
Watch how to import demo data and beging scheduling on the Agilebars Canvas.
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Productivity will increase. Here is why!

Efficient Scheduling and Accurate Reporting

Use the built-in scheduling engine to automatically calculate time-phased results for the Burndown Chart and other reports. Agree on the progress rules upfront. Drag and drop bars or boxes between lanes on the Kanban board to generate actuals. Sequence remaining work with the time-scaled canvas. There should be no arguments with the results.

Spreadsheet Synchronization

Do your sprint planning and execution in your favorite spreadsheet program, the most productive data gathering and analysis tool ever built. When you've completed data entry, simply drag and drop the spreadsheet onto the Agilebars canvas to import the data and continue working on the sprint, whether it's planning, execution, or analysis.

Switch Devices

If you publish your data to the Timebars Cloud, you can pause work, switch devices, and continue where you left off. Log into the app, click the Cloud icon in the main menu, then click the 'Cloud Login!' button, log in, and click 'Re-hydrate' to download your data and continue working. Multi-user scenarios are not available unless you share the same username and password with your peers.

Happy Managers

Why buy expensive, old-fashioned desktop scheduling tools like MS Project? Why invest in costly enterprise scheduling tools? With Agilebars, a modern tool for personal use, you can regain control of your data and your time. Agilebars ensures that you stay productive and organized without breaking the bank.

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